Countryside chic wedding in Bourgogne – Tiffany & Mathieu

February 6, 2016

What an honour to be invited by Tiffany and Mathieu to photograph their endless affection for each other on their 3 days lasting wedding (yes the French do it, not only in style, but also in length!) in Guillon-les-Bains – Bourgogne.

Everything, from the beautiful landscapes throughout my journey to the venue – L’Orangerie – to every minute spent in the company of such warm and lively big bunch of people created the perfect conditions for magical photographs.



2015.05.30_T&M-05-22015.05.30_T&M-05-51The decoration, all crafted by the bride and her friends, was inspired by the Japanese Thousand Origami Cranes legend, where folding a 1000 of these birds will bring good luck and allow for a wish to come true. The result was wonderful and graceful in its simplicity.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-322015.05.30_T&M-05-122015.05.30_T&M-05-10   2015.05.30_T&M-05-11  2015.05.30_T&M-05-6 2015.05.30_T&M-05-52015.05.30_T&M-05-30 2015.05.30_T&M-05-4Tiffany’s family is Alsatian, whereas Mathieu comes from Côte d’Azur, so there was an interesting mix of traditions to inebriate our senses– regional meals, Alsatian delicatessen and southern musical chaleur, all seasoned with real Champagne, quelle bonheur!

Tiffany’s preparations on the big day were in the nearest village salon, a picturesque sight warped in time, where my camera took the chance to wander around and be pampered.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-172015.05.30_T&M-05-162015.05.30_T&M-05-132015.05.30_T&M-05-142015.05.30_T&M-05-192015.05.30_T&M-05-232015.05.30_T&M-05-222015.05.30_T&M-05-25         2015.05.30_T&M-05-26Then we went back to L’Orangerie where the bride got dressed and looked after by her bachelorettes. The atmosphere breathed the tenderness that imprinted the whole of the long lasting festivity.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-33 2015.05.30_T&M-05-282015.05.30_T&M-05-34 2015.05.30_T&M-05-40 2015.05.30_T&M-05-452015.05.30_T&M-05-442015.05.30_T&M-05-42 2015.05.30_T&M-05-432015.05.30_T&M-05-46    2015.05.30_T&M-05-49The groom’s 1st sight of the bride was before the ceremony and was followed by their love-celebrating photo shoot. They drove on a bright red Citroen 2CV through side roads with the early summer fields colour in the background. Mathieu is a film director and both are passionate about cinema, so whilst I was photographing the groom was using his camera to make their own film.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-532015.05.30_T&M-05-522015.05.30_T&M-05-54 2015.05.30_T&M-05-552015.05.30_T&M-05-562015.05.30_T&M-05-592015.05.30_T&M-05-572015.05.30_T&M-05-90 2015.05.30_T&M-05-89 2015.05.30_T&M-05-872015.05.30_T&M-05-822015.05.30_T&M-05-842015.05.30_T&M-05-83  2015.05.30_T&M-05-86     2015.05.30_T&M-05-632015.05.30_T&M-05-602015.05.30_T&M-05-662015.05.30_T&M-05-622015.05.30_T&M-05-642015.05.30_T&M-05-772015.05.30_T&M-05-752015.05.30_T&M-05-692015.05.30_T&M-05-682015.05.30_T&M-05-67 2015.05.30_T&M-05-782015.05.30_T&M-05-79   2015.05.30_T&M-05-81The ceremony drew inspiration from different secular rituals. The Tea Flower Rite represents eternal love and the spool of wool casting is a commemoration of people’s coming together and the new spiritual bonds. This was a fun way to get the guest to participate and to give everybody a greater sense of involvement and complicity. As the genuinely passionate speeches unfolded, tender tears dropped here and there. In fact the whole ceremony was so highly emotionally charged that I found my eyes moistening as I looked through my camera’s viewfinder.


2015.05.30_T&M-05-100 2015.05.30_T&M-05-99

2015.05.30_T&M-05-1032015.05.30_T&M-05-102 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1042015.05.30_T&M-05-1052015.05.30_T&M-05-1062015.05.30_T&M-05-1072015.05.30_T&M-05-1082015.05.30_T&M-05-110      2015.05.30_T&M-05-111 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1122015.05.30_T&M-05-1132015.05.30_T&M-05-1202015.05.30_T&M-05-117    2015.05.30_T&M-05-114 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1222015.05.30_T&M-05-1212015.05.30_T&M-05-1232015.05.30_T&M-05-1252015.05.30_T&M-05-1262015.05.30_T&M-05-127

2015.05.30_T&M-05-1282015.05.30_T&M-05-129 2015.05.30_T&M-05-131     2015.05.30_T&M-05-133


2015.05.30_T&M-05-1442015.05.30_T&M-05-1452015.05.30_T&M-05-1462015.05.30_T&M-05-1482015.05.30_T&M-05-151 2015.05.30_T&M-05-150 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1492015.05.30_T&M-05-147

2015.05.30_T&M-05-1552015.05.30_T&M-05-152 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1532015.05.30_T&M-05-1542015.05.30_T&M-05-1562015.05.30_T&M-05-1572015.05.30_T&M-05-1582015.05.30_T&M-05-159 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1612015.05.30_T&M-05-1682015.05.30_T&M-05-162 2015.05.30_T&M-05-167 2015.05.30_T&M-05-166 2015.05.30_T&M-05-165 2015.05.30_T&M-05-164        2015.05.30_T&M-05-1692015.05.30_T&M-05-1712015.05.30_T&M-05-1732015.05.30_T&M-05-1742015.05.30_T&M-05-1722015.05.30_T&M-05-1702015.05.30_T&M-05-175 2015.05.30_T&M-05-176      2015.05.30_T&M-05-1772015.05.30_T&M-05-1792015.05.30_T&M-05-178 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1812015.05.30_T&M-05-1832015.05.30_T&M-05-1822015.05.30_T&M-05-1842015.05.30_T&M-05-185After the ceremony, a new jazz band came in with a swing/gipsy twist and people entertained themselves playing old-fashioned games in the grass, taking silly polaroids in the photobooth or simply sipping a cocktail at the bar. Ho, and of course toasting endlessly with champagne… And then again, it was the real thing!

2015.05.30_T&M-05-942015.05.30_T&M-05-1882015.05.30_T&M-05-1902015.05.30_T&M-05-189The breakfast was a glorious flavours experience, much to everyone’s appraisal and afterwards, quizzes and games were organized for yet another real fun occasion.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-195 2015.05.30_T&M-05-2022015.05.30_T&M-05-197 2015.05.30_T&M-05-1962015.05.30_T&M-05-201  2015.05.30_T&M-05-1992015.05.30_T&M-05-200 2015.05.30_T&M-05-198

Love didn’t leave Tiffany and Mathieu’s whereabouts for a second and the bride’s serenade to the groom was the culmination of their growing passion.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-203 2015.05.30_T&M-05-2042015.05.30_T&M-05-206 2015.05.30_T&M-05-205The 1st dance was the bride and groom’s show of their serious dancing skills with REM’s “Oh My Heart” and “Groove is in the Heart” as a reference to “How I Met Your Mother” humorously choreographed.

2015.05.30_T&M-05-211 2015.05.30_T&M-05-210 2015.05.30_T&M-05-209

After the cake was cut, all sweethearts partied the night out with their souls filled with warmth and glasses filled with cocktails, amazing Bourgogne wine or whatever took their fancy… Oh, and champagne, Le Vrai Champagne!

2015.05.30_T&M-05-216 2015.05.30_T&M-05-2172015.05.30_T&M-05-2182015.05.30_T&M-05-2192015.05.30_T&M-05-2202015.05.30_T&M-05-223 2015.05.30_T&M-05-222


2015.05.30_T&M-05-2132015.05.30_T&M-05-212 2015.05.30_T&M-05-215 2015.05.30_T&M-05-214

I can easily say that I’ve never been to a wedding where everyone was so gorgeously pampered, tenderly nursed, genuinely happy and emotionally generous. Thank you Tiffany and Mathieu for giving me the honour of taking part in your dazzling celebration of love in all its forms!

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  1. Tiffany
    March 21, 2016

    What a wonderful surprise, just when we came back from our honeymoon in Costa Rica, to discover those fantastic pictures and this incredible testimony, taken and written by one of the sweetest girls ever met : Rita Fevereiro !

    I’m so touched and so moved that I can hardly find my words…

    Thanks to her sensibility and her great sense of creativity, Rita captured and immortalized with grace and tenderness the soul and the singularity of our wedding, the magic of these moments.

    She completely understood who we are, where our love come from and what we’ve tried to create in this celebration : a warm, sincere, participative and full of love and fun event, where everybody could find its place and enjoy fully those 3 days.

    If you plan to get married, I can give you only one advice : DON’T HESITATE and CONTACT Rita !!

    More than a photographer, she is a real artist and a true friend…

    These photos are a wonderful and priceless gift that we will never forget, Rita.
    THANK YOU so much for your presence, your generosity, your humanity, your art. You are AMAZING !! Don’t change ! We love you and you will be forever in our hearts…

    Tiffany (and Mathieu 😉 )


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